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    Oil filter crusher air operated frame capacity (tons) 11 frame type ... BJE 007715 TT12 Pneumatic Truck Oil Filter Crusher. by BJE. $4,107.23 $ 4,107 23 $5,001.01 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Usually ships in 1 to 3 months. OTC 1821 10-Ton Capacity Air-Operated Automotive Oil Filter Crusher.

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    Description: Oberg Oil Filter Crusher Model P100WM Automotive and Light Duty Oil Filter Crusher Ideal for crushing automotive and light duty truck oil filters. It is designed to mount to a shop wall near the lube and waste oil areas.

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    Managing Used Oil Filters for Generators . Regulatory Assistance Officers Notes: This guidance provides an overview of requirements for managing used oil filters in California. ... from the filters as a result of the crushing, puncturing or other activities. Used oil must be managed as hazardous waste.

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    Oberg High Capacity Truck Heavy Equipment, Industrial Oil Filter Crusher. The Oberg Model P-300 provides more crushing force than any competitor, crushing oil filters up to 20" tall, multiple smaller filters simultaneously, and oily shop rags.

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    Oil filters are used in automobiles and trucks to remove solid contaminants from motor oil before oil is used to lubricate engine parts. Every time oil in an automobile or truck crankcase is changed, the oil filter must be replaced so that the solid contaminants from the old oil do not get into the new oil.

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    Oil filter crushers are designed specifically to flatten oil filters and to squeeze oil out all but the last traces of engine sludge and oil from inside them. Here, an oil filter can be crushed to 25 percent of its original size. Years ago, oil filters were simply trash, and the waste oil from them ...

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    This Ranger Products Oil Filter Crusher is a huge money saver, space saver and environment saver all in one. With up to 20,000 lbs. of pressure, this powerhouse crushes oil filters to 25 percent of their original size in seconds while squeezing up to 95 percent of sludge and oil into a storage drum.

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    Oil Filter Crushers - heavy duty crushing equipment for recycling automotive oil filters, industrial oil filters and used oil. Drum Crushers / In-Drum Compactors Oil Filter Balers used for commercial filter and scrap metal processing.

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    Fluidall's automotive oil filter crushers are the ideal solution for getting rid of used oil filters. Shops can easily reduce the volume and cost of hazardous waste pickups by crushing oil filters and recycling them as scrap metal.

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    Oil filter crushers are a great way to help your shop save money and keep your space clean. This item will help every shop stay clean, and not waste oil filters. Most filters can remove about 90-95 percent of the oil, which reduces the mess significantly.

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    Please click on a category below to view our full line of crusher machines: Glass Crushers Through our line of ten Glass Crushers, we provide solutions to most industries including bars, restaurants, laboratories, recycling centers, hotels, casinos and many more.

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    The CrushMaster 1 oil filter crusher operates on normal shop air, delivers 13,572 lbs. of crushing force at 120 PSI, accommodates all standard oil filters and was designed for high-volume use. Solid steel plate construction and built-in safety features assure years of safe, maintenance free operation.

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    This oil filter crusher and paint expertly crushes even your toughest filters and cans to 20% - 25% of their original size in seconds. At the drastically reduced size, cans and oil filters are much cheaper to dispose, so the Ranger RP-20FC is good for the environment AND your bank account.

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    Introduction of metal crusher : Crushed material is Crush cans, also can crush paint cans, oil tank, etc. 2, Metal crusher deceleration motor drive, can shatter confidential save 20% power than others. 3, Metal crusher boot smoothly without too much noise, and equipped with the foundation, the noise is …

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    Oil filter crushers such as this one from Bendpak are designed to flatten oil filters and squeeze out all but the last traces of engine sludge and oil. Here, an oil filter can be crushed to 25% of ...

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    Herkules™ Single Oil Filter Stand for OFC1 and OFC1A This stand for the single oil filter crusher (OFC1 and OFC1A) accommodates a 55-gallon drum for …

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    Crushing provides an economical way to dispose of aerosol cans, paint cans, automotive oil filters, and even locomotive oil filters by reducing waste volume. air powered, Herkules Crushers provide a hydraulic fluid-free crushing method.


    The findings derived from the used oil filter study include: (i) Typical composition of a 45 gallon drum of used oil filters - Weight of drum of used oil filters: 116.4 kg ... sorting and crushing the drums of used oil filters. Obtaining numerical values for the mass and number of paper

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    An oil filter crusher presses the filter under high pressure and squeezes the engine sludge, grunge and oil out. Within seconds, used filters are reduced to 25% of …

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    OBERG oil filter crushers, drum crushers and baler equipment for recycling oil, automotive and industrial oil filters, 55 gallon drums and paint cans. & OIL Bedford Industries, Inc.

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    The TC-15 Oil Filter Crusher is the workhorse of oil filter crushers with 38,000 lbs of crushing force. The TC-15 Oil Filter Crusher is available in both 110V or 220V models. Weight: 700.0 lbs.

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    otc 1877 air/hydraulic 25 ton capacity oil filter crusher heavy duty nice cond see more like this Sealey Oil Filter Crushing / Crusher Unit - Garage / Workshop Tool - OFC1 1st Class Service & Huge Stock From Demon Tweeks Direct

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    Manufacturer of oil filter crushers and oil filter crushing system. The industrial crushes both standard sized oil filters and one gallon cans. The oil filter crushing system can remove up to 95% of remaining used oil during the crushing process.

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    Shop 1 Filter Crushers products at Northern Tool + Equipment. FREE SHIPPING — Ranger Products Oil Filter Crusher, Model# RP-20FC

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    By clicking on the "ADD TO CART" button on the website, you ("Buyer") are indicating that you have read, understand and agree to be bound to the …

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    Mar 29, 2010· Crushed oil filter trying to remove it... how to get it out. Thread starter SadbutTrue; Start ... Not sure whether the oil filter wrench I got was cheap, whether I was doing something wrong, or whether the filter was on too tight... but it wouldn't budge, and eventually started crushing a little. Probably didn't help I was a little tired/cranky ...

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    Section I - PIG® Oil Filter/Paint 1 Setup Instructions 1) Remove PIG® Oil Filter Crusher from pallet and place on floor. 2) If desired, permanently mount the crusher to the floor using the pre-drilled holes in the base.

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    Built in oil filter crusher compresses and drains most automotive and ... PowerLift 10 Ton Oil Filter Crusher. by PowerLift. $742.53 $ 742 53. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. 3 out of 5 stars 1. Product Features Handy shop crusher designed for oil filters. 20 Ton Air Hydraulic SHop Press Oil Filter.


    An oil filter crushing operation has also been established at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. This operation has been very successful in minimizing the hazardous waste disposal costs associated with oil filters.

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